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Drama and Thrillers: What They Represent

Both drama and thriller are both very important film genres which are actually the two most popular among filmmakers. These two are the most used due to the great depth and wide range of creativity they let their creators use. However, both are pretty different from each other. Here in this article, we are going …

drama and thriller movies

Kites (2010) Main Actors Stories

Kites was one of the most interesting movies of 2010. However, what was even more interesting about the movie was its cast. Not only it portrayed actors from different nationalities and backgrounds, it actually delivered one of the most fruitful chemistries among an entire cast that hasn’t been seen in years. That’s why we’ve decided …

movie cast Kites (2010) Film

Anurag Basu – Director of Kites (2010)

Anurag Basu is a Bollywood and Indian director/writer who has made some of the most critically acclaimed, box office contenders and biggest movies in that industry. However, he has also made one of the worst, dullest and critiqued movies that have been a fail in the box office. A TV Director – Anurag Basu But …

Anurag Basu
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