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America has been from its origins, a place where immigrants from the whole world have used as their second home, sometimes even their new one. But when it comes to Indian people, it is not so common.

Precisely that is what this movie a little more interesting, it tells the story of two Indians who come exactly from where the cows are sacred and the Taj Mahal is the biggest historic infrastructure.

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This interesting movie tries to tell a new way of thinking about Indian immigrants, and how important is the United States for their culture.

Kites, an action-romance movie directed by Anurag Basu, tells the story about the passionate love between two young and beautiful go-getters, who will have to choose between the economic security of having a convenient marriage, or having the most epic romance and almost predestined adventured that will take them through the most exciting aspects of their culture, and the one the will have to get familiarized with.

Romance, Love, and… Action?

This movie starts with the voice of the protagonist in Hindi, thinking about nature and love, andkites movie poster how both can be put together in order to make similes on how kites are seemingly free, flying in the sky and looking like they have nothing against them, they have a string attached to them, a string that won’t let them go and be free; just as it happens with human lives. Most people think that they are free, but the destiny string always takes us to wherever it wants, without much we can do about it.

This argument makes the premise that the movie is going to be one melodramatic and silly movie with tons of romantic scenes and Shakespearian love, with the same style of those old plays like Romeo and Juliet.

However, this is not the only thing the movie is about. This movie also has something else to offer that not many people expect from a movie that develops the most romantic and corny dialogues. If you are someone who was expecting a total love story – well, you may want to look somewhere else.

This movie appears to offer something that not many other love stories offer, and in one of the best ways you can think of. Actions, lots of action. This HD movie will make you jump out of your seat.

From persecutions, lots of fights, wonderful shooting scenes, impossible jumps and explosions that are as costly as unnecessary – this movie won’t bore you at all. However, this movie is not the best, not the biggest and not the most famous movie available.

It won’t make a spot among the best action or romantic movies of history, nor will it achieve the public and critic success other movies of the same type have achieved. But it will certainly make a great impression on everyone who watches it. This movie offers the best entertainment, directly from the best hands of Bollywood.

A Mix of Two Worlds

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This movie was mainly made by Indian production in order to destine the movie for a more local audience. However, the online movie also offers a more diverse kind of entertainment, mixing the Mafia, with the Musical (Bollywood style) and the most romantic feeling with adventure and action (Hollywood).

So this movie won’t be an only Indian movie directed for an Indian audience, as it is totally possible for the western audience to enjoy this movie as well, especially when it comes to the wonderful action and the very corny romantic scenes to the purest Hollywood style.

The best about this movie is that it takes the best from both cinema worlds. As previously affirmed, it has wonderful musical scenes with the best Bollywood style and lots of action and romance with the Hollywood style everyone likes. The perfect mix, taking a lot from old movies, working almost as a tribute to the best old action and mafia streaming movies like Bonny & Clyde, the best John Ford westerns and even the most iconic Blake Edwards style.

The Hopeless Ambitious Dancer

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Kites Movie Cast

The movie starts with the protagonist, J. played by Hrithik Roshan completely homeless and practically lifeless in a very unspecific place in Mexico. After being helped by the locals, he starts to wander in the desert, without the audience really knowing what he’s looking for. He just went to the desert, left his home, the place he was comfortable in and started an adventure in search of a new destiny.

However, the movie immediately jumps back to three months before anything of what the protagonist is living now. The  free movie goes from Mexico to Las Vegas in a continuous flashback.

This way we can learn more from J., the protagonist, a wonderful dancer and choreographer who’s a go-getter, a man that uses his charm to marry different women in order to win a few more bucks and eventually try to get his American nationality – the famous Green Card.

One of his victims, a young beautiful woman, daughter of the Casino owner, immediately makes her an appetizing victim, especially because she’s now part of his dancing agency. J., after finding out who the father of this girl is, starts to seduce her with the most evilest and materialistic motives. However, it all ends up totally abrupt for this man – who was only searching for just some money.

Where Love and Action Begins

love dance in kites 2010 movie

The drama of the movie starts in this part, where J. meets Natasha played by Barbara Mori, who’s the fiancée of Tony, son of the casino owner and now trying to marry this girl, Natasha, a beautiful and very interesting Indian girl.

But when J. starts getting to know Natasha, he finds out that she’s not who she says she is. He then finds out that this girl is actually one of the many people he once helped to get into America. And what’s more important, she’s also an ambitious go-getter whose main purpose is to marry rich men in search of a luxurious life and the most important thing for her – a Green Card. Sounds familiar, right? Well, it actually is.

From here on, the online hd movie starts to show us how a man who’s was just looking for money (J.) falls in love with a beautiful girl who’s also searching for the same thing in the same way (Natasha).

They fall in love with each other, but Natasha is still going to marry Tony, and they decide to leave in order to pursue their own stories – even though what they feel is not something they want to let go of.

Here, both protagonists in order to avoid getting caught up by Tony and eventually getting killed, they try to escape after the mafia finds out about this trickery way of winning money both young love birds are trying to do. They try to escape to Mexico, but everything starts to get filled with action, drama, lots of musicals, shootings, westerns escapes and the purest mafia feeling from Hollywood.

A Mix With No Base

The movie is just like that in its entirety. A full action-packed, romantic and fast-paced with lots of mixed feelings and styles movie that offers a rare experience of its kind. However, the movie is not what it tries to be.

The movie as a whole, talks about the experience of two illegal immigrants on the United States but ends up being a mix of Mafia, Action, and Romance with no real touch on its core.

Even though the HD free movie tries really hard to entertain and eventually achieves it, with lots of mixed feelings, flavors, and wonderful styles – the movie won’t ever convince an experience audience of its purity. This movie is a just a cocktail, and as such don’t get confused when you watch it, with the recommended free movie websites ! A movie with so much to offer in so little time that ends up being an intoxicating mixture of feelings.

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